Nuclear Waste

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  • Interim storage (high level waste) Interim storage (high level waste)
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Operating Reactors: 4
Reactors in Construction: 1
Reactors Being Decommissioned: 3

High Level Waste in Interim Storage Facilities:
996 t HM fuel elements (incomplete data)

For Reprocessing:

Some t HM fuel elements (Russia)

Other Nuclear Waste: 
13,301 low and medium level waste is stored in interim storage facilities and 4,800 m3 in a near-surface final repository in Mochovce. In addition, there are 4,000 m3 very low level waste and 6,819 m3 contaminated soil.

Waste Management Concept for High Level Waste:

In the Slovak Republic, spent fuel elements are stored first in storage basins and then in boxes for 40-50 years at the power plants sites. It is uncertain what will happen afterwards. The possibility of final storage in deep geological formations, as well as reprocessing or final storage abroad is being investigated.

Final Disposal Situation for High Level Waste:

In the context of a research program, the Slovak republic had already identified five possible sites for final storage facilities for high level waste. However, this research program was abandoned in 2001. In 2008, a new strategy was presented, although without specifying neither possible sites for final disposal nor a time frame. The originally for 2037 planned commissioning has therefore been suspended indefinitely.


The insecurity about the preferred waste management concept is impeding a determined quest for a final disposal site, which would even be necessary when generating radioactive waste in case of reprocessing.