Nuclear Waste

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Operating Reactors: 0
Reactors in Construction: 0
Reactors Being Decommissioned: 2

High Level Waste in Interim Storage Facilities:
2,043 t HM fuel elements + 229.6 m3 HLW

For Reprocessing:
No information available (Russia)

Other Nuclear Waste:
45,292 m3 low and medium level waste is stored in interim storage facilities. 26,000 m3 (situation in 2004) very low level waste is stored on a landfill site. Low and medium level waste will be stored in a final repository in Stabatiškė as of 2015.

Waste Management Concept for High Level Waste:

Lithuania is currently exploring three options to deal with spent fuel elements: final disposal in Lithuania, final disposal abroad or reprocessing abroad. So far, radioactive waste has been stored at the sites of nuclear power plants in interim storage facilities, which were originally planned to be final disposal facilities.

Final Disposal Situation for High Level Waste:

At the moment, Lithuania has yet to develop a concept for handling spent fuel elements. There is currently no time schedule for formulating such a concept exists either.


Since Lithuania is yet to have a final disposal concept, it is expected that spent fuel elements will be stored intermediately on the surface for much more than 50 years.
The disposal facilities for low and medium level waste at the sites of the power plants are mostly concrete bunkers constructed under the surface and do not guarantee the retention of radionuclides for a longer period.