Nuclear Waste

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Czech Republic


Operating Reactors: 6
Reactors in Construction: 2 (construction interrupted for the time being)
Reactors Being Decommissioned: 0

High Level Waste in Interim Storage Facilities:
1,171 t HM fuel elements

Other Nuclear Waste:
3,467 m³ low and medium level waste is stored in interim storage facilities and 13,560 m³ in near-surface final disposal facilities. In addition, some million t of waste containing uranium have been generated by uranium mining activities.

Waste Management Concept for High Level Waste:

The preferred waste management concept in the Czech Republic is long lasting interim storage in containers at their power plants sites. Following this, high level waste will be transported to a central final repository in granite stone. However, discussion on the possibility of reprocessing abroad and storage in regional final disposal facilities are taking place.

Final Disposal Situation for High Level Waste:

In the Czech Republic, a final repository is planned to be commissioned after 2065. With the proposal of 30 potential sites for this, a moratorium has been issued because of resident protests. From 2010 onwards, geological explorations will commence at seven sites, which will be reduced to two in 2015.


Spent fuel elements will be stored for a very long period in interim storage facilities, as their final storage is foreseen only envisaged to take place after 2065. One is not able to predict the condition of the radioactive waste by then nor what potential hazards will occur.