Nuclear Waste

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Operating Reactors: 7
Reactors in Construction: 0
Reactors Being Decommissioned: 0

High Level Waste in Interim Storage Facilities:
2.675 t HM fuel elements (situation in 2004, more recent information was denied for security reasons) + 279 m3 HLW

For Reprocessing:
670 t HM fuel elements (France)

Other Nuclear Waste:
17.127 m³ low and medium level waste is stored in interim storage facilities. From 2016 onwards, it is planned to be stored in a near-surface repository in Dessel is envisioned. There is no information available on the amount of very low level waste released as 'conventional waste'.

Waste Management Concept for High Level Waste:

Up until 2001, used fuel elements were reprocessed in La Hague, and since then a moratorium prevails. The waste generated by the reprocessing is for the most part still stored at the sites of the reprocessing plant. High level waste and, if necessary, the spent fuel elements are planned to be stored in deep geological formations.

Final Repository Situation for High Level Waste:

In Belgium, no decision about a final repository site for high level waste is currently aspired. For the time being, the possibility of direct disposal in deep geological clay formations is being explored. For this purpose, an underground laboratory is operated in Mol. The commissioning of a repository is not expected before 2080.


With the reprocessing taking place in France, the increased radiation exposure for the workforce and for the general population - as well as the increased accident risk - is transferred to another country. If the reprocessing was abandoned and direct disposal was pursued, high level waste would be stored on the surface for a period of 70 years.